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It’s been quite the emotional week as you may be aware and it all kicked off just when Leo was working nights. I hate it when he works nights as I never get to see him and I hate seeing him so tired all the time so I started my week with a little treat… some artichokes. Given my lack of a regular income soon I decided to split the pack in two to make it go that bit further and bulked them out with some courgette which is much cheaper! It’s simply spaghetti tossed in artichoke and courgette which has been friend in the oil the artichoke came in. Nothing is going to waste and this is now one of my favourite ways to eat artichokes.

On the cheap front I also got my hands on 5 corn on the cob for £1.50. I love corn and a friend had recommended a Gujarati corn on the cob curry… now was my chance to make it but not before drying out those corn husks so I can make tamales another time. Waste not want not! Out of the 5 cobs I used 2 in the curry which fed Leo and I for dinner and again with tofu scramble for breakfast.

Speaking of tofu scramble, to celebrate Leo ending his night shifts I had a go at a vegan eggs Benedict. Even when we were omni we didn’t go for the ham or salmon approach I would make it with spinach or as many different onions as I could lay my hands on, it’s just the egg and the sauce bit that needed work. So, for the first attempt I went for tofu scramble made with silen tofu and a lemon cashew sauce with garlic fried spring greens. I’ve got to say… I’m pretty damn happy with that.

What else have we been up to? There’s the amazing peach and prosecco sorbet I picked up from Affogato which we’ve been eating with a side of doughnut peach, there’s been teriyaki aubergine which was another cheap dinner after finding aubergines half price and last of all my first attempt at quimbomba. After having it at Cubana in London I have to try and make my own. This one was pretty good but not as good as theirs… I’m just going to have to keep trying until I perfect it. Oh no tasty tasty experiments!

How’s your week been?


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