Terre a Terre

Terre a terre is my favorite restaurant from when I lived on the south coast. Their food is always well thought out and just incredible. Pre-vegan my favorite thing to do was get the tapas (as you get to try lots of different things then) and a bowl of chips. Between two its perfect.

In the scheme of things their afternoon tea is pretty new so we haven’t had the chance to check it out yet.  They have both a vegetarian and a vegan afternoon tea, they are both pretty similar except the cream with the scones and little bits like that. So here was what we got


Steamed rice buns stuffed with Szechuan marinated tofu, with kimchi Chinese cabbage, lapsang souchong pickled watermelon and cucumber, a miso chilli sauce and spring onion garnish.

Deep fried corn cakes rolled in spice dust served with chilli chelly jelly, avocado hash,oregano and lime mojo and a candied chilli.

Coconut Thai spice rice balls with toasted peanuts, palm pineapple vinegar lemon oil dressing with pomelo piece, pistachio purée and Thai basil, served in shiso amaranth and gem bouquet garni with coriander mixed shoots.

Incredible right? thats just the first plate. So up next is the sweet selection which comes on three plates.

image-2This is wild berry filled almond tartines served with raspberry & elderflower sorbet, sweet seed dukka of chia, fresh raspberries and wood sorrel

image-3Now we skipped this layer as we couldn’t eat it all and we figured this would travel best – Chocolate Almond truffle cake with damson plum puree, dark chocolate glaze. Crème de cacoa Brandy Alexander milk shakes served with a peanut caramel truffle, with wild berry dust, fresh blackberries and minty shiso shoots.

The survived through to the next day and were a saving grace after my first 2 hours of tattoo work.

Last of all there is the scone layer –


Tea soaked sultana scones served with Terre à Terre jam and coconut cream. now this is the only layer that was a bit disappointing. The coconut cream was really tart, I’d even go as far as sour and as you can see the scones are more like cookies but that’s a really small complaint when you see how amazing everything else has been.

I love this place, their food is packed full of flavors and has an incredible depth to it. Whenever I’m stuck for a birthday or Christmas present I’ll ask for a trip to Terre a Terre so I can get my fix


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