It’s been one whole year since this adventure began and wow what a year it’s been. My life has been turned upside down in all the best possible ways.

When I first started this it was so I could be a bit healthier and loose a bit of weight after having such a decadent start to the year, I never expected this to be a permanent thing. As time wore on though things happened which made being vegan permanent, this made me take the time to check out vegan events like VegFest. This is where I got introduced to Lisa aka Vegan Nomad Chick and we’ve been as thick as thieves ever since. We get on so well and I can’t wait to see her in Dublin later this year.

Anyone who doesn’t know her, she’s hugely inspiring and such a truly lovely person. She lives as a simple and minimalist nomad life traveling round the world soon to be joined by Kuba aka @minimalistjunky. I’ve never met someone so happy in their own skin and so unfailingly positive about life. When you have the two of them together everything just lights up.

While I’m not a materialistic person and I’ve always maintained that as long as I have Leo and a roof over my head I’ll be happy, seeing these two so unbelievably happy living a simple life together has made a big impression.


Then we come to Aaron and Mitch, the people behind Shire Snax. In the scheme of things we’ve not known each other long but their unwavering faith in me and their support is just mind blowing. We have a similar outlook on life, a love for travel, having an adventure and the belief that money and making all the money isn’t the most important thing in the world. I adore both of them.


Between the four of them they have been so inspiring when it’s come to setting up Year of Vegan Eats, having my YouTube channel, quitting my job… the list goes on and on and I really can’t put into words how much I appreciate all the time and support they have given me so I can be where I am today.

It’s not just these four people though, there is a much longer list of everyone who has inspired me and helped me get to this point this year. There’s Hilary and Alberto of Sgaia who I also first met at VegFest and from that very first event to now they have come on leaps and bounds. Their progress has been incredible to watch, the sky is their limit. There’s BazKaris , Jared and my vegan mama Gary who shared Vegan Newbs with me. If I hadn’t of been a part of the group I would of never branched out to have my own little blogging space here.

There are my friends who have been vegan for many many years who instead of shaking me because they have been telling me to do this for years have welcomed me with open arms and have been always ready to provide support when needed. There are my non vegan friends who have refrained from taking the piss and have instead been understanding and supportive. Ben, Chris, Peter… ok not so much Peter as he likes to ask me why I don’t eat chicken period on a regular basis and swears that tofu is devil food BUT he did teach me how to make vegan pierogi. There are all the new friends I’ve made… there are just too many people to mention and it’s unbelievable that this has all happened in just one short year.

There is one last mention though… my husband Leo. Thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey and for always being so supportive and incredible, I truly don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you.



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