This week on Instagram


It’s been an action packed week!

Started off making some empanada’s for next week’s YouTube video so keep an eye out for that. They are filled with golden veg and spices. Yum.

After that the dreaded lurgey finally hit me. After everything that happened with the flat and then there was the Edinburgh Festival it’s all just been too much and I promptly got knocked on my ass by the runny nose, headaches, dizziness, sore throat… all the jazz. A couple of days of broccoli and cashew soup, lots of fruit and veg and I was back on my feet again. While being vegan doesn’t make me indestructible it makes recovering unbelievably quicker. Which is good because a couple of days later we were off to Brighton and London for a few days.

We arrived in Brighton ready for brunch so visited The Laine cafe for their vegan cooked breakfast, The Small batch Coffee for coffee and cake and last but not least Terre a Terre for an afternoon tea. More on that to come as it deserves its own blog post!

Onward to Eastbourne to get some new tattoo’s so to fuel me through that we visited Oh My Goodness for an epic lunch of baked sweet potato, hummus, falafal and salsa with a huge side salad. While the tattoo still sucked it was a lot easier to get through with all this beautiful fuel in my belly.

Lastly we had a quick stop in London on our way home to Edinburgh. We visited Leo’s favorite place FED by water and also found somewhere new in Waterloo called Cubana which well and truly surprised me with their delicious quimbomba. That’s my next video project for YouTube so keep an eye out to find out more about what quimbomba is and how to make it!


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