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Oh how I’ve missed my kitchen! I’ve had so much fun being back and being able to cook properly again. I’ve missed the spices and the flavours so I’ve been going into overdrive since we returned.

Our week started off with the leftovers of our last home from home meal which was courgette kofta, kidney bean dal, aubergine marsala, potato and pea stuffed paratha, coconut chutney and rice. I halved all of the recipes and still ended up with enough food to feed an army.

Now we have our own fridge back I’ve been able to fill it with fruit and veg. This means we can have spinach salad on the side of some hot mustard and mushroom hash. Or… and this is one of my favorite things to do with raw spinach, top it with hot pasta. In this case it was wholewheat pasta with spicy sweet chili aubergine.

On the milder (but no less flavourful) side we also had miso glazed aubergines and miso mushroom broth with lots of fresh spring onion and toasted sesame seeds.

I’ve been back to baking too. Thanks to being a bit over excited with the fruit and veg I ended up with some blueberries that needed using up quick along with some fresh lemon so what better to do with them than make black tea and blueberry muffins for breakfast. Ok there were too many blueberries (is that such a thing) so the cake collapsed but they still tasted great.

Last but not least I’m back to the curry (my latest obsession) as I’m testing out recipes for when our friends come round on Monday for a curry night. Leo made samosas which were amazing, I made lemon and coriander bondas along with lemon dal, a garlic curry of chickpeas and potatoes, a whole spiced cauliflower and chapatti… there was so much food we’ve been eating it for a few days but I’m cool with that. Roll on Monday so I can try out more recipes and make more bondas!

Hows your week been?


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