Edinburgh Vegan Festival

By sheer fluke I ended up with Saturday off work so I got the chance to visit this years Edinburgh Vegan Festival at The Roxburgh Hotel.
I arrived not long after opening and the place was already rammed full of people which is fantastic to see. Stalls wise there were a lot of our usual suspects such as Hendersons, Cool Jerk, Missy’s Cupcakes etc but there were also a lot of new things that I’ve not seen before.

Given its the Edinburgh festival and it’s the end of the month I’m beyond skint so sadly couldn’t partake in as much as I would of liked. I was restrained and picked up a few treats to share with Leo.

First up I went straight to Consider It. They have started making vegan doughnuts the size of your face, seriously they are huge, and I keep missing them as they sell out so quick. Already 2/3 of them had gone and it wasn’t even 11am. I went for the raspberry jam. By the time I got it home to Leo the bag was the window to weight gain but I’m taking that as the sign of a good doughnut. It was soft, sugary, filled to the brim with tangy raspberry jam and delicious. While Vegan Nomad Chick’s doughnuts will take a hell of a lot to beat this is coming damn close.

Next I picked up two marshmallow sticks from Ananada Foods. Their boxes and bags were pretty pricy so two sticks for £2.50 was a good deal. I went for the mint and Leo got the caramel (with all the sprinkles). I’ve never been a huge marshmallow fan so I haven’t eaten them in a long time but these aren’t quite as light and fluffy as their eggy counterpart. This isn’t a bad thing though as they still have a lovely texture and neutral taste so that they don’t argue with the flavoured chocolate coating.

Last of all I crumbled and got some Yum Earth Organics sweeties. I first saw them at the Glasgow vegfest but haven’t seen them since until today. They make organic, vegan, natural and allergen free lollipops and boiled sweets. There are quite a few different selections which makes it hard to choose as they are all so good but I went for the vitamin c drops. That way I can pack one in our lunch boxes as a treat, they are tasty and they give us a boost.

While I couldn’t stretch to anything else a special mention has to go to a few stalls.

First of all Hilary and Alberto of Sgaia who had the biggest queue in the place. Their Mheat, sandwiches and their new vegan egg we’re going down a storm which is unsuprising as everything they make is awesome.

Second up is Shire Shax, specifically for thier raw brownies which are the best. Last of all I’ve got to mention Affogato with 6 different vegan ice creams all of which I’ve tried in their shop as I can’t get enough of everything they make. To make things even better you can also get shire snax cakes at Affogato including the new and exclusive Saurons Eye.

Edinburgh Vegan Festival is on again tomorrow, Sunday the 21st of August at The Roxburgh Hotel from 10:30am. Go check it out.


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