So tired, so sleepy

Lately I’ve been feeling really lethargic. All I want to do is sleep. I’ve been putting it down to everything that has been going on recently, what would of been my beloved Brody’s birthday coming up next week and now the start of the Edinburgh Festival. As much as you want to stay positive things still take their toll and eventually your going to get worn down by it. Yep that’s it. That’s the problem.

It has nothing to do with the multiple tubs of Pringles we’ve gone through in the last week or so. Nothing so do with having cake instead of lunch. Nothing to do with having no fruit or veg in the fridge. Oh wait.

As we’re not staying in our own home I’m very aware of filling up someone else’s fridge and cupboards with food. I’ve tried to keep things to a minimum and I’m always trying to keep it all out the way. I also don’t want things to go to waste. In our own home if I put something down it stays there, I know where things are and I can keep track of them. This doesn’t happen living with other people, this constantly get moved, rearranged, disappear and then get forgotten about. As we now have a date to move home I’ve been avoiding buying more food but this then means that we’re not eating as well as we should. While it all went well the first few days as we had lovely fresh tomatoes and peppers to eat, we’re now down to the jars and tins and it’s not doing us any good.


Feeling so tired and lethargic is completely down to what we’re eating (or not) so while I’m still using up what we’ve accumulated I need to make sure that we’re adding in lots more fruit and vegetables.

After just one day of changing my eating habits I’m back to feeling my normal self and raring to go. It’s amazing how something so simple makes such a drastic difference to my energy levels and my mood.

I’ve picked up so many good habits while we’ve been in our home from home, I now need to stop this bad habit and cut out the snacks again, cut out the sugary drinks. I’m looking forward to being home again so we can eat simple whole foods and have our very own fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables.


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