This week on Instagram 

This week Leo has been amazing and was making me wee business cards so that I can promote my vegan cooking. He sat there and cut them all by hand and then wrote on every single one of them… He has much nicer hand writing than me. 

I also got round to making Perseopolis’ amazing Kashmir fried mango, not once but twice and get a very pleasant surprised out of it. More on that in a blog post to come. 

As we’ve now got a date to move home I’ve really just been using things up. Some tofu and potatoes went in a curry along with the last scrapings of a peanut butter jar. Peppers were roasted so that we could have a simple yet delicious platter of Peperoni al Forno Conditi in the garden. Ramen turned into laksa turned into a bowl of noodle soup and with whatever else we wanted in it. Beer cheese became macaroni cheese (and boy was it good). Last of all some onion, peppers, tomato, tofu, bread, spices and tahini became breakfast. 

Less than 3 weeks now till we can go home and I can cook in my own kitchen. I can’t wait! 


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