FED by water

We first visited FED by water in June but it was so good we had to go again when we were back last week.

The main reason for this was their platter –


Leo is was the biggest meat eater I have met in my life until he went vegan. Give him a charcuterie and he was a very happy person indeed. Now while pretty much anything can be veganized, making something like a charcuterie isn’t an easy task. FED by water however have perfected it… and I quite ‘it’s the best charcuterie I’ve ever eaten’. Now that is praise!

You get some Bute Island cheddar and blue sheese, mozzarella of secret origin (that is so realistic I dropped the first slice I touched) along side soft plain cheese, paprika cheese and pesto cheese. For the meat part there is sausage, smoked tofu, pepperoni, and seitan carpaccio.  To go with all of that you also get a hand made basket made out of bread containing a garlic bread, focaccia bread and their charcoal marble bread slices. just wow.

Now the first time we had this we then went on to have a pasta dish each. This was far too much food and we were told by the chef ‘try the pizza next time, it’s the best’ so we knew better the second time round and shared a calzone instead.

Both their pasta and pizza have been incredible and their combination of ingredients is fantastic. I understand that ‘fake meat and cheese’ isn’t for everyone but this is just one part of what they do. You’ll get an equally good meal (if not better depending on what you go for) completely made out of vegetables.

It’s quite a trek to visit as it’s out in Dulston but it’s worth the effort. They are right opposite Dulston Kingsland station or a 2 minute walk from Dulston Junction.


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