Switching Off

After posting Tech Junky I thought I’d talk more about how I deal with technology myself.

I’m not the most socially comfortable person. Meeting new people and being in a big crowd of people makes me nervous and my go to way of dealing with it was to bury myself in my phone. I would cycle through the same few apps over and over again just to avoid dealing with what was going on around me. It didn’t help though, if anything it made me more anxious.

Because my phone was my safety net I wouldn’t leave the house without it. I had to have it constantly at my side and in my hand so that I didn’t miss anything. That’s not healthy.

Then I changed the way I use my phone.

Notifications are turned off for everything on my phone except messages and messenger. No more facebook, instagram, twitter or emails grabbing my attention every time something happens. Let’s face it none of these need immediate attention and it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t reply right away.

Then we move onto data. I don’t have a lot of data on my contract (1GB) as between the wifi at home, at work and out and about I don’t need to use a lot of it. This changed when we started staying in our home from home where the wifi is turned off when the main PC isn’t being used. This means no wifi when I wake up and only sometimes wifi before going to bed.As my phone provided charges me for going over my data allowance I turn off mobile data when I’m down to the last little bit of it. This means I can’t wake up and go straight to my phone to check what’s going on. I can’t waste the first part of my day blankly staring at my phone screen. I can spend it doing something more worthwhile like having a cup of tea and reading a book.

Now I like to spend time away from my phone, away from attention hungry notifications and it’s great. I’m much more present in the moment and I can see everything around me that I’ve been missing.. like everyone else buried in their phones haha.


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