This week on Instagram


This week we’ve been spoilt by London. Before we left though I couldn’t resist trying out the Peperoni al Forno Conditi recipe from My Berlin Kitchen. It took forever to skin, de-seed and tear up all those peppers but it was well worth it in the end.

Next up I made some raw brownies to take to London with us. They turned out so well and were really lovely and dark chocolate in their flavour with a hint of peanut. I’ll certainly be making more of them!

When we reached London we went straight to Itadaki-Zen to try out their Lunch Bento. With a little bit of everything it was a perfect start to our trip. We also returned to FED by water for their cheese and cold cut platter and to try one of their amazing calzone! There will be more about this later in the week.

Last but by no means least we went to Persepolis for dinner and again for breakfast. We just couldn’t get enough of their amazing food and I’ll be trying out their Kashmir fried mango for dinner as soon as I can!

Hows your week been?



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