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We’re back from London (yay) and I’m straight back to work (BOO). But on the bright side it’s only for two days.

We had a great time in London, we explored new places to eat, did some culture and ended up playing in a fountain. The main reason for our visit however was to go and see The Pet Shop Boys at The Royal Opera House. An interesting choice I hear you say but they are Leo’s favourite band and regardless of if your a fan or not they put on a damn good show.

Now what has all this got to do with being a tech junk?

As with all gig’s there’s lots of phones out taking videos and pictures so you have a sea of rectangular lights among the audience. This is the first thing I don’t understand. Why pay for a ticket, wait in line and stand there for a good few hours only to watch the show through a tiny little screen? Your never going to do it justice and after it’s all over and done with all your left with is a bunch of over exposed blurry pictures and a video that is so distorted you can kinda, maybe tell what was playing but it’s too loud to tell.

For anyone who isn’t aware of The Pet Shop Boys stage show set up we’re talking lasers, huge props, dancers, costume changes, projectors, balloons, confetti… the list goes on. It’s as much about the theater as it is about the music with them so there is a lot to see.

Now we come to my real reason for writing this blog. The older Italian gentleman sitting next to me. When the show started he got really revved up and was bouncing in his seat… then the phone came out. He spent 80% of the show taking pictures or vidoes then sharing them on instagram, twitter, text, messenger etc… He would then sit and refresh repeatedly to see who had liked it or left a comment. When he put his phone down for two minutes he was checking his SmartWatch for more updates. He spent more time looking down at his phone than he did at the show.

Now I’m not saying don’t take pictures at a show, by all means go for it but enjoy the show too. This phrase is used too much these days but be present in the moment and enjoy whats going on around you, your missing out on so much.


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