Off to London… again

We’re off to London again today for a few days away and I want to approach it differently this time.

When we went down in June we ate out a lot. There was so much to try which meant that we fit in as many places as we could and ate far far too much. I left feeling heavy and overstuffed unlike my wallet which was by the end of it all completely empty. This time I want to be much more sensible with my choices from both a health perspective and financially.

We’re staying in a hotel so we won’t have access to a kitchen or any real utensils but this doesn’t mean that we can’t make our own meals. We’re right round the corner from the high street so we can easily get fruit and vegetables from the market. We’ll also have access to a big Morrisons and Asda and a small Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s for anything else we need that can’t be bought from the market. We’re hoping the weather holds out so that we can have refreshing grapefruits, berries and soft fruit for breakfast. In the evenings some salad vegetables, pickles, bread and hummus will make a great picnic dinner.

By only eating out at lunch we’ll be taking advantage of lunch specials and cheaper menu’s and we’ll be less inclined to have a big three course meal in the middle of the day.

We’re only away for 4 days (closer to 3 after flights and travel) but we can still eat a lot in the time so fingers crossed we don’t get distracted and end up stuffed with far too much food again.


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