This week on Instagram

There’s been more pizza with broccoli, pesto, onion and mozzarella. On the green front we’ve also had spinikopita to take to a friends house (half without onion for the non onion fan).

Stockbridge market brought us Grumpy Foods broad bean and herb kuku with herby couscous and roasted vegetable rice. The perfect lunch on a rainy day. On the subject of eating out there was also a visit to Paradise palms for their 2-4-1 hot dog day. I’m a hige fan of everything on the plate except the onion rings, they just taste of grease and not much else 😦

Last of all we have some home made goodies. A pflmenkuchen with oat cream from the food memoir ‘My Berlin Kitchen’ that I just finished and… the most special meal of them all this week, a home made vegan dinner by my anti vegan father in law! it was incredible and delicious.

Hows your week been?


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