A positive thinking pessimist.

I’m a very laid back person who at heart is a pessimist (aka realist) but I’m also trying to look at the positive side of the situation. While it seems that they are opposite viewpoints they can both happen at the same time. While this is pretty easy with every day and trivial things its been more of a challenge with our current housing situation.

We’re now into our seventh week away from home. We have a vague date for things to go back but going on their track record of telling us one thing on the phone and it turning out to be something completely different I don’t buy it. That and nearly a week after it was agreed on we still haven’t got a confirmation in writing.

The realist side of me always expects to be left down and always expected things to go wrong so every time this has happened in the last 6 weeks I’ve seen it coming. It doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating it just makes it less frustrating for me as it was the outcome I was expecting all along.

Now how does this work with thinking positive? While I fully expect to be let down at every stage of this process there are lots of positive things to concentrate on. Every week we’re out of our flat we get given an allowance and that has paid for a new fire for our living room, a new bathroom cabinet… all the things we’ve been wanting to update and renovate but haven’t had the cash to just go out and buy it all in one go. As we’re not living at the flat it also means that we can install said fire while Jiji isn’t about to get in the way and we won’t have to live with dust flying around for days. We’ve had the chance to paint the flat, have a clear out and do so many things we otherwise wouldn’t of bothered with because doing it while you live there would of just been too much hassle. We’ve put a lot of work into the place and when we eventually move back in it will be like a brand new home.

Aside from the flat I’ve also been getting into the habit of walking more rather than taking the bus, I’ve been catching up on all the books I have, I’ve been to yoga classes, cooked more than normal (if that’s possible) and generally spent a lot more time being present rather than parking myself in front of a computer or TV and mindlessly watching whatever rubbish presents itself. This is all a positive outcome from a bad situation.

It’s not always easy to look on the bright side. Recently I’ve really been struggling with it as the frustration and disappointment of being constantly let down has just been too often and too much. The simple act of taking the time to remember what all the positives are helps a lot though. All these positive actions have come from this, we’ve also got our home from home to ourselves for the next three days and after that we’re off to London for four days.

Maybe that’s it, maybe all that’s needed is a break in routine and some time away from the situation. Either way at the end of the day it will be done when it’s done and there is no point wasting time and energy on being angry and upset about the situation when that time and energy can be put to better use.

How do you cope with negativity?


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  1. excellent post!! By the time you move back in, you’ll have a completely new flat! 🙂 I sometimes fall into the negativity trap as well, but I figure there’s no point to being negative because it doesn’t solve anything. If the situation sucks, it sucks! So I’d rather focus on the positives and try to make the most out of it. I miss y’all! Enjoy your time in London too. 🙂


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