My mini pantry 

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since we left home and were still not back. The only thing I’ve been unable to live without during all this is my kitchen and my well stocked pantry. 

I couldn’t bring my kitchen with me and it soon become apparent that I needed something to make us feel more at home so I whittled down my kitchen to the essentials so I could cook us vegan comfort food. 

So what did I bring with me and why? 

Brown sugar – My sugar of choice for tea and for baking.

Lemon and Lime juice – We add this to water as it makes it easier for us to get through our 3 litres of water a day. It’s also great for marinades, salad dressing and for dripping over dishes to freshen them up. 

Next up we have the spices 

Garlic Powder – It’s cheaper than fresh garlic… and I use a lot of garlic in pretty much everything I cook. 

Turmeric – Add to tofu scramble and French toast for colour or add it to curry curry sauce. 

Paprika – Another spice that gives things colour but also great for adding a smokey flavour to foods. 

Black Salt – I have this just for tofu or chickpea scramble. 

Cinnamon – Another curry sauce addition but it’s also handy for cakes, cookies and Leo’s porridge pots for work. 

Nooch – Becuase… Nooch. I love the stuff and put it in a lot of things (including my curry sauce) 

Curry sauce mix – A home made blend of coriander, fennel and white pepper with a side of cloves, green cardamom and black cardamom to go with it. 

Sumac – For adding to hummus for a bit of kick or great sprinkled over roasted vegetables. 

Miso – A great soup base for noodles and a basic marinade for vegetables. 

Stock cubes – Another curry ingredient, a soup base, a sauce base… They have so many uses I’ve had to restock them twice! 

Both bread and plain flour. 

Bread flour and yeast for comforting home made loaves and home made pizza. 
Plain flour and baking powder for home made cakes and cookies. 

These are the base for any of our meals (along with whatever vegetables I’ve laid my hands on). Rice, noodles and pasta. 

This is mainly Leo’s work breakfasts as he always takes porridge. But. It’s also a great addition to cookies and cakes (both the oats and the fruit) 

Pickles! We both love the so we have gherkins for sandwiches, olives for pasta or both along with some hummus fro a Meze. 

Mustard for sandwiches or for a quick sauce, it does very well with mushrooms and potatoes. 

Peanut butter for my curry sauce, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, a quick noodles sauce… We both love peanut butter so I can use it in a lot of things. 

Last but not least my favourite tea bags. A good cup of tea and some home made cake will always make us feel more at home. 

What would your kitchen essentials be if you couldn’t use your own kitchen?


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  1. Active dry yeast! Hopefully y’all still have quite a bit left! haha 😀 My kitchen essentials are a steamer basket, cutting board and a good knife. The steamer basket isn’t necessary but makes things a lot easier! I thought everyone would have a cutting board and decent knife, but I’ve stayed in a few places that didn’t have either! Oh well, foodie problems I guess! I hope y’all are back in your flat soon. 🙂


    1. We have so much left but it’s being used slowly but surely!

      So many places don;t come with a good knife, I once tried to cut up an onion with a butter knife. It was a mess and it took me forever but I got there in the end haha

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      1. Yeah I only had butter knives in Berlin the last week I was there…super minimalist kitchen! But I made it work as well. That’s how you know you have real kitchen skills! haha


  2. I also travel with nutritional yeast, black salt, turmeric and garlic powder! Tofu scramble for life! Because I mostly travel with hand luggage only I can’t usually carry peanut butter but when I’m in the van PB is another of my must have items.


    1. We’re hand luggage only people too though I’m debating getting a travel rice cooker for Japan in October so we can have hot fresh rice whenever we want.


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