Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms is a veggie/vegan American style diner in Edinburgh offering burgers, hot dogs and all the sides.
We’ve heard a lot about their hot dogs (they do a 2-4-1 every Tuesday on them) so when we visited it was the natural choice. This one came with ketchup, mustard and onions. Simple but good. on the side onion rings and pickles. Now when they said pickles I was expecting gherkins but instead you get gherkin, carrot AND okra! The carrot and okra are lightly pickled so you still get the flavour of the vegetable which was really surprising.
This is your basic hot dog but you can choose to add fries for an extra £1.50 and they come with a few different seasonings, here I had their spice mix which was mainly salty so i couldn’t tell you what else was in the mix.
On the side we tried a couple of things. The first being their tempura vegetables. A strange option to have along side American diner food but they were bloody good so I’m cool with having them along side a hot dog. The second was collard greens. Having a few American friends I’ve heard a lot about collard greens but you just can’t get them here so this was my chance to give them a go… it turns out they don’t have collard greens either as it’s kale and green peas… heavily over salted kale and peas.
This was my only complaint about the place, don’t advertise something as one thing and then serve people something else… that’s not cool. Other than that I’ll be back for their 2-4-1 hot dogs for sure!

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