No More Amazon 

We all know how bad Amazon are but damn, the stuff is so cheap! It’s so easy to order and it arrives the next day… I can just turn a bind eye right? 

Not anymore. 

I want to support small business and local people. I want to buy less and buy mindfully. While I’ve been doing this on the whole I still fall into the Amazon trap every now and then. Every time though, as if my magic the experience is so awful I either cancel the order or wish I hadn’t bothered and it ends up a complete waste of time and energy. Time and energy that could be spent on something positive and productive. 

Do I learn? No. Every time I leave it a little longer between orders with them but I still go back. 

Not. This. Time. 

While we’ve been removed from our flat and removed from our comfy old habits I’ve been taking the opportunity to take a good look at myself. I can make changes and get good habits in place… OK I was thinking of walking more and eating less junk but this is something I want and need to change too. 

So goodbye Amazon. We had some good times but I don’t want or need your negativity in my life anymore. 


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