Top Dog

We’re meeting a friend for lunch today and she has recommended Top Dog. It has a small but well thought out American style diner menu which is 50% vegetarian 50% vegan. 

As with everywhere we eat I like to read the menu repeatendly before we go. Right at the top of said menu is fried pickles. I was sold on that alone and didn’t need to read any further. 

They have 3 vegan starter options which are onion rings, fried pickles and Kentucky fried cauliflower. You can get onion rings everywhere and as much as I like them I want to try the other two so Leo and I share

The pickes look like wedges but they are really thin slices held together with batter. Personally I like mine with a bit more pickle to batter but that’s a super picky point. The KFC was great, super crispy batter and cauliflower is just plant awesome so it’s a winning combo for me. On the side we had their house sauce for dipping which is vegan mayonnaise based with added herbs and spices… And this was just the starter. 

In the background you can see a basket of sweet potato chilli cheese fries. I didn’t find much cheese but the chilli was filled with beans, topped with pickled onion and fresh red chili’s. 

Last but not least was the hot dog 

 This is the American dog so it comes with pickles, relish, onions and house sauce. Under all that though is the optional addition of avocado. 
Leo and I split all of this and left feeling well and truly full. For the prices and what you get is good value for money and the people working there are really lovely. It’s well worth a visit. 


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