Pret’s Veggie Only Pop-Up 

I’ve never been to Pret but as they have the veggie pop up I’ve got to give it a go. 

We’d had a huge lunch so a sandwich and a dessert to take away were in order for dinner. I love artichokes so went for their seedy baguette with red tapanade, katamala olives, charred artichokes and basil leaves. The flavour was amazing and I’ll be hunting one down in the Edinburgh branch near work. 

For dessert I had the chocolate orange pot. It’s topped with cacao nibs which had gone a bit soft but I can cope with that when the pudding is so good. It’s thick, rich and defiantly hit the spot. 

Oh and the chocolate bar… It’s a vegan bounty mmmmmmmmm 
I’ll definitely be heading to Pret again if this is what they are offering. Fingers crossed the veggie pop up is so popular they keep it and maybe open up a few more. 


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  1. Wow, was everything vegan? Either way I hope they bring more vegan options to their regular menu!


    1. It’s 50/50 but clearly labelled so it’s easy to tell. Fingers crossed this shows there is a market for it

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