What a difference a year makes. 

When I started ‘a year of vegan eats’ the idea was to see how things progressed through a year of being vegan. To see how my habits and attitudes changed, the problems I’d face and just the difference between being a brand new vegan vs someone with a whole year of experience under their belt. 

Today however the ‘year’ part of it all has presented me with something else to reflect on. 

One whole year ago we were on our honeymoon 1.0. We’d managed to get a table at the famous La Gavroche! Leo had called them 97 times, I tried a mere 35 before we got through and managed to book a table. We’d been working our way round Roux Michelin star resturaunts and this was one we were both desperate to visit. 

At the time this was the perfect start to our honeymoons (it’s an excuse to spend money and do things as we were going to milk it for all its worth) we ate cream, cheese and butter in every dish and had different fish and meats. It’s was the tasting menu so it was ment to be over the top and extravagant. I remember leaving there so full I could barely walk. 

Fast forward to today and we’re both vegan. Leo for 6 months, myself for 10 months and we’re both looking forward to continuing our food quest in London. We’ve eaten a much wider range of food this time because we’re vegan. Instead of everything being cream, butter and cheese we’ve had Japanese mixed vegetable dishes, Kentucky fried cauliflower, artichoke sandwiches, the list goes on. 

We visited these places to experience food and at the time we loved it but by being vegan we now experience much much more variety in food in our every day eating. I wouldn’t change my past experiences as they brought me where I am today and today I eat a far broader range of food and enjoy cooking and eating more than ever. 

What a difference a year makes. 


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