Itadaki Zen

It’s been a whole year since we got married so we’re in London to celebrate. 

In Kings Cross there  is this lovely Japanes restaurant called Itadaki Zen. We found on on Happy Cow the night before we came to London and booked a table there and then. I’m glad we did as within minutes of the place opening it was full. 

It’s 100% vegan so we were spoilt for choice on the menu but both decided to go for the Itadaki Set Menu. The description told is we would get 3 vegetable dishes, sushi, tempura or Spring rolls, noodles and a dessert. SOLD. 

Up first are the vegetable dishes – 

On the left is beansprouts, cucumber and seaweed in a wasabi dressing. Wasabi can be unbearably hot and overbearing but this was lovely. You got the flavour and the warmth of the wasabi without it being the only flavour in the dish. 

In the middle fine rice noodles with mixed vegetables. Slightly sweet from the vegetables, slaty from the dressing. My only complaint is that I couldn’t pick up the last few strands. 

On the right a cold tofu and mushroom stew. Crumbly tofu, tender mushrooms, between the noodles and this I would of happily just eaten them for dinner.

Next up came the sushi – 

From the left we have avocado, carrot, aubergine ginger and spring onion, red pepper, asparagus cucumber and mayo and finally inari. 

They were all fantastic. It’s so simple but so delicious and it goes to show how easy it is to make vegan sushi. I’m defiantly keeping a mental note of all this for when we next make sushi at home. 

Now for the main – 

As the option was spring roll or tempura we got one each and shared. 

I loved the way the tempura was a mix of shredded carrot, onion and cabbage as it had so much more flavour to it. Combined with the udon and the hot dipping sauce I was in heaven. Writing this makes me feel hungry again. 

Last but not least dessert –

Sesame pudding with sesame cream, milk and a little caramel sauce. Think creme caramel but way better. 

We enjoyed ourselves so much were planning on coming back again before we leave, this time to try out their lunch menu. Everything was so well thought out, I can’t fault a single thing. No wonder they are packed full as soon as they open, this place is amazing! 


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  1. This all looks delicious!! Glad y’all enjoyed it! 🙂


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