Raw Vegan Not Gross

I love the Raw Vegan not Gross YouTube videos so when I found out there was going to be a book I eagerly waited for it to be released so that I could see what new recipes and suggestions there were. Leo even bought me a dehydrator in anticipation as I’ve been debating over one for far too long.

It arrived and I love the back story to how Raw Vegan not Gross came about and all the extra little bits about body image and Laura’s approach to veganism but the recipes are… well… a little disappointing as lots of them are the recipes from the YouTube videos. As someone who has watched the videos repeatedly I already know these recipes, I was hoping this would be in addition to that.

I understand that someone who picks up the books won’t necessarily know about the videos but they are mentioned in the book so they can go and look at them from there.

Anyway… It’s not an entirely raw cook book so there is a nice mix of cooked and raw meals. Amongst the recipes there are ideas for breakfast, weeknight dinners, party food and sweet treats and they range from super simple to a little more time consuming so you get lots of different options depending on what day of the week it is and how much time you have to spare. .

The book is beautiful and full of lovely recipes that I’m dying to try. It celebrates fruits and vegetables in their natural unprocessed state with very few bizarre ingredients which we don’t see enough in vegan cooking. I love cooking so I’m happy to go shopping for weird and wonderful ingredients but not everyone is confident enough to do that, this is one of those books that is great for everyone.

I think the first thing I’m going to do is the cauliflower pizza… which is also a video recipe.



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