Bread Street Brasserie

Whenever we go out for dinner with Leo’s parents we have a few things to take into consideration.

  1. We’re vegan (duh)
  2. Leo’s mum is vegetarian (who has been known to order the bacon and lettuce in cream as a side).
  3. Leo’s dad is a staunch meat eater who wont be best pleased if we go somewhere without a meat option.
  4. We’re going out with Leo’s parents so a plate of nacho’s and a pint each at The Auld Hoose won’t go down well, it needs to be somewhere we can have a sit down meal.

This leaves us with very few placed to go in Edinburgh however Bread Street Brasserie comes to the rescue. They do a monthly vegan only night so they know how to cater well for vegans as well as your standard restaurant dishes.

While Leo’s dad had his bowl of grey brown sausage and mash we had these beautifully colourful beetroot dishes.

First up is their beetroot carpaccio with roasted pepper and basil pesto, toasted pine nuts and leaves.


The main was a beetroot risotto topped with basil oil, asparagus, artichoke, broccoli, sea rosemary (think a soft, slightly salty version of rosemary) and edible flowers.



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