Home from Home

We’ve started the month of June by moving out of our flat at a weeks notice.

This all began with our upstairs neighbour forgetting to turn her bathroom tap off. Three times. Our bathroom has repeatedly been soaked and it now needs to be entirely stripped out so that it can be properly dried. This means that we can’t live there until everything is put back. How long will this take? We don’t know. We’ve been told different times by different people so right now we don’t know when we’ll be able to go home.

Rather than letting it stress us out we’re determined to make the most of it. While we’re not living there and Jiji is safely elsewhere we can get a lot of other work done on the place. I also want to work on myself.

The day we moved out of our flat was also my last day off work so it’s the perfect opportunity to get into a better routine. We’re staying a lot closer to town so I have no excuse not to walk, this means by the time we get back home I’ll be in the habit so it should be easier to continue with it.

While we’re living elsewhere I’m living out of my rucksack. It’s no different to when we’re on holiday, I don’t need a full wardrobe with me. I’ve got to pack everything for Jiji and I need to keep track of him so the last thing I need is piles of my own stuff to keep track of and to move back and forth. This is another habit I want to keep hold of when I go home. I want to keep things simple. I don’t have a lot of stuff to begin with but there is still lots I don’t need or use so why keep it?

I’m determined to turn this into a positive month full of good changes and this will get me started.

The only thing I’m missing about our flat is my kitchen. I miss cooking. I miss having everything I need to hand to make whatever I want. I’m looking forward to having a clean, freshly painted kitchen when I return but until then I’m going to struggle without it. I cook every day at home. I make Leo lunch for work as I want him to have something tasty and home made with love. I make bread for us so that we don’t have to buy a loaf with ingredients in it I can’t even pronounce. I cook because I love it and it’s my way of showing love to others, not being able to cook makes me feel like I’ve lost a part of me.

… I’m totally going back to the flat on my day off to bake something.


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