Building Recipes

Get yourself a solid basic recipe and you open yourself up to so many different dishes. For example, the first thing my friend wants to learn how to cook is a creamy mushroom pasta sauce. Simple. But instead of teaching her how to do that one dish I’m going to aproach it from a slightly different angle.

Instead of making a creamy mushroom sauce I’m going to give her my basic creamy cashew sauce. With that basic sauce recipe you can then add whatever you want to it and eat it with whatever you fancy that day. For example –

building a recipe

So you start off with your sauce then you could make it into a mushroom sauce, or a spinach sauce or why not mix it up and have some peas and mheat for a carbonara style sauce? You can add any combination of things you like into that sauce. Then what do you eat it with? Creamy spinach on toast for breakfast, creamy broccoli and rice for a cheats risotto or… as requested creamy mushroom pasta.

One good recipe can open you up to so many possibilities.


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