Sun Day Burger

This little stall is really easy to walk past as it’s part of the markt halle neun but we were recommended it by a friend so we made a special trip to find it… we were not let down!
They sell just one burger but it’s not any old burger. It’s a tofu burger with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, alfalfa, coriander, mango chutney, chipotle and butternut squash sauce. Wow.
They have clearly put a lot of time into getting this right as it has the perfect balance of everything. It’s got the freshness of the salad, the earthy hit of beetroot, sweet mango chutney, spicy chipotle and creamy butternut squash. I could of happily eaten a second… and a third.
This was all washed down with an apple, pineapple, mint, lime and aloe juice with coconut sprinkles. Yum.

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